- Setting up a DigiMatrix HTPC with Linux

The MythTV Installation / Configuration
The author and maintainers of MythTV have a pretty good picture of how things should work, so there's not that much to say here right now either.

Installation went smooth except for XMLTV which must be run manually and screwed something in the database up. Will look into it when I get my TV-in to work.

Configuration hasn't been made that much to. I added /mnt/smartmedia to that paths which MythGallery imports images from. I placed pictures, video and music in /mnt/store/Pictures, /mnt/store/Video and /mnt/store/Music respectively.

Unresolved problems:
  • XMLTV doesn't find that many Swedish channels
  • Sometimes when I enter "Play music" or switch songs, MythTV crashes without any output
  • MythTV can't change channel
Updated: 2007-10-28 10:32:57
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