- Optimizing the Ubuntu PS3 experience

After using the Asus DigiMatrix with Linux as my HTPC with a complementary PlayStation 2 for gaming for a long time, I've been trying to ameliorate my setup with a PlayStation 3 to replace them both.

Now I've finally obtained this amazing piece of hardware and begun the journey of optimizing my living room experience.

I started out by installing Ubuntu with the help of, which have made an excellent guide on how to install Ubuntu on the PS3.
However, I noticed that video performance was awful, so I investigated what could be done to improve this.

There are probably many good sites to explain how Linux is run on the PS3, but essentially it is run in a virtualized environment with limited access to the hardware.

So I started shutting down applications and services to free memory, installed fluxbox to use instead of the GNOME desktop, etc.

Still, it was only marginally better.

Then I met unsolo.
Updated: 2007-11-09 09:36:09
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